Introduction to Programming using Python


Are you looking forward to growing your career by turning into a professional computer programmer?
If yes, then learning programming using Python can be one of the best step that you can take. A powerful and popular programming language, Python can help you get ahead of most of the programmers who still rely on programming languages like Java and C.
This short and highly effective course from Foxmula will guide you along the fundamentals of the Python, such as incorporating the statements, to utilizing the loop variables. By enrolling for our Introduction to Programming using Python course, you can definitely embark on a journey to learn the Python language.
The course is aimed at helping students learn the fundamentals of programming using Python. During the course, we cover the basics such as how program is constructed in Python with the help of simple instructions. The primary objective of the course remains to introduce to the students the Python Version 3.x programming using instructions that are tailor-made.
The course can is perfect for students who have little or no programming background. However, students who have programming background will be able to move forward at a certain pace to learn the programming.

Upon completing the course, you will be able to learn the following:

  • Be able to know about the basics of the Python programming language
  • Installing Python and write the first program
  • learn to use variables to store, retrieve as well as calculate the information
  • Utilize and learn to Implement basic Python structures such as if loops, functions and statements.
  • Learn to read and write external data files utilizing Python.
  • learn to implement the functions as well the call built-in Python functions.
  • Using the library function modules by importing from the Python library.
  • Able to debug the whole program and handling of the errors in Python.

Key Features of the Course

  • Training from Python Instructors having years of Experience
  • Video courses on almost every topics covered in the course syllabus
  • Take the course at your choice, when you want and learn at your own pace
  • Learn programming using Python working on real-world projects using cool tools
  • Foxmula associated certification offered on completion of the course
  • Training on advanced programming concepts as the course training progresses

  • Training

    1 month Training, 1 Year access, Industry-Oriented, Self-Paced.

  • Certification

    Small & basic Objective MCQ type online exams. Microsoft Technology Associate & Foxmula Certification.

  • Internship

    45 days Internship Completion letter post project submission on our GitLab. Projects are Industrial, Small and based on your training.

  • 1 year of Live Sessions by Experts

    Be a part of interactive webinars every weekend, by experts on cutting edge topics.

How It Works


  • Perform data operations using Data Types and Operators
  • Control Flow with Decision and Loops
  • Perform Input and Output Operations
  • Document and Structure Code
  • Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling
  • Perform Operations using Modules and Tools