Competitive Programming and Interview Preparation


All of us have dreamt of getting jobs and internships in great Multinational companies or some good start-ups. We all strive day in and day out to make our dreams come true. Since every goal has hurdles and challenges associated with it, we all get in need of some trainings to overcome that. One of those barriers is the interview round, which is seemingly very challenging and often difficult to crack as well, since many of us lack in confidence even after acquiring all the technical skills as per required. There comes the need of someone who has already gone through that phase and can help you out with the interview preparation. This course bridges the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the quick coding tips and tricks that the industry employers look for in their potential candidates. We will be covering all the major topics of Data Structures and Algorithms, along with important coding questions asked in the interview process of MNCs like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce.

Who is the right candidate for the course?

  • Anyone who is keen to learn Data Structures and Algorithms in any language
  • Any person who wants to find a solution to - “How to prepare for Interviews?”.
  • Individuals with basic knowledge of any programming language like- C, C++, Java, Python or any other programming language.
  • Individuals who want to utilize and apply the power of problem solving using Data Structure and Algorithm to their domain.

  • Learn from the senior community achievers:

    • Training | Skills

      Self-paced and live sessions by experienced mentors.

    • Certification | Recognition

      International certifications to prove your skills among the crowd.

    • Internship | Experience

      Exposure with latest interview question bank.

    • Live Sessions by Experts

      Be a part of interactive webinars by mentors on advance topics.


    • C++ Basics (with code implementation)
    • Containers (Standard Template Library)
    • Arrays
    • Hashing
    • Recursion
    • Linked Lists
    • Trees
    • Binary Search
    • Stacks and Queues
    • Heaps
    • Greedy Algorithms
    • Bit Manipulation
    • Dynamic Programming
    • Graphs
    • Live Sessions
    • Extra Practice Questions and Solutions