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What we do?

We believe in growth, at every level.We help organizations, teams and professionals to:


    Arm yourselves with the latest technologies and be the momentum that spurs the company's growth.


    Develop your organization’s technical talent pool and leverage it effectively


    Reach higher goals and advance to wider frontiers through adaptive learning.

Why choose our organization

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Industry Experts

Versatile in diverse domains, we hold a holistic approach to training.We are not limited to delivering domain-specific training. Our instructors, who are subject-matter experts, are also adept in addressing topics concerning related domains, thus ensuring a comprehensive learning as demanded by you.

End to End Transformation Partners

Our diverse and flexible packages of HR and L&D solutions are customized to cater to your specific organizational needs and goals.

  • With expert trainers, and 1000+ e-learning hours, we train your employees to adapt, contribute and succeed in a competitive and digital world.
  • We help you align your company experts to strategic business innovations
  • We inspire a progressive work culture of continuous learning.

Engaging and Outcome-Driven Experts

Our adaptive learning sessions leverage both online and off-line learning platforms and incorporate cutting edge curriculums, interactive videos, and case studies.

  • We have our benchmarking strategy to evaluate the training sessions. We monitor, analyze and review the learners’ progress towards the specific organizational goal.
  • Our highly relevant training content is rooted in advanced and emerging global technology platforms.
  • The primary focus of our training programs is your organization’s need-of-the-hour and to support your business goals.Thus we are able to help the trainees understand the core purpose of the training and its impact on the organization and stay focused on the outcome.

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Our Offerings

From Marketing Solutions, Knowledge Transfer and Application Training, we bring you the solution for all your e-learning requirements.
  • The teaching content developed as per Blooms Taxonomy and Constructivist Theory stimulates creative and progressive thought-order and encourages behavioral and cognitive learning to boost critical thinking in professionals.
  • 1000 learning hours delivered, with a team of 40 e-learning professionals.
  • High learner engagement with 70% completion rates.
Our systematic and intensive induction procedures ensure that your new recruits are furnished with an in-depth know-how on the company profile, products and processes.

These action-packed programs help you to integrate your new hires into the organization without hiccups as well as help them blend into the work culture effortlessly and add value to their job roles from day one.

  • Customized 15 to 90-days hands-on training, mapped by competencies.
  • 15,000+ learners on-boarded.
  • Flexible e-learning schedules to scale up the performances.
We offer innovative and custom-learning programs to bridge the gap between existing skill sets and the required upgrade as per company requirements. We believe in experiential learning where people learn best through a DO-REFLECT-APPLY principle in a live instructor-led environment.

  • Hands-on, customized 3 to 10 days classroom training, mapped by competencies.
  • National and international certification programs to validate knowledge level, with end-to-end governance.
  • Post-training evaluation, interventions and certifications.
Our industry-renowned ‘train and deploy’ model helps you upscale your hiring requirements with quality sourcing, customized training and placements across various domains and geographies.
  • Our diverse talent pool of high-potential, well-trained and candidates serves as back-up for your immediate hiring requirements
  • Our extensive selection processes, intense training and grooming provide you with job-ready candidates whom you can absorb into your required job roles easily and within no time.
  • Saves on-boarding time, reduces hiring costs (30% - 60%) and increases candidate adaptability.
  • Tie-ups with 50+ Tier I and II academic institutions in 15+ cities.
Our Management Development Programs prepare your high-potential employees for better leadership and broader visions and be a valuable contributor to your company’s futuristic goals.

Our programs stimulate fresh thinking, creativity, re-training, knowledge enhancement and strategic development and are ideal stepping stones for mid to senior level management and Hi-Pots.

  • Four to six hours long information sessions with focus on key trends,innovative solutions and best practices in relevant platforms and industry.
  • A distinguished panel of speakers with 15+ years of experience, including CXO’s to share their experiences and wisdom.
  • Global University tie-ups to update on current technologies and provide world-class learning experience.

How we intervene

Our tiered training services encompass every aspect of organizational growth through effective and futuristic employee training.

  1. ASSES

    Conduct regular assessments and proficiency analysis.


    Engineer unique learning models suited to the objective of the training

  3. UPSKILL or

    Prepare your new hires and train key employees to increase their productivity


    Dedicated team of account managers and delivery analysts who will guide you through every phase of training.


    Documented assessments on staff impact and performance for future reference and optimization

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